Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where In The World Is Vivian??

My nephew and his dad in front of the Rockerfeller Center Tree..

As my friend Kevin would say, “where in the world is Vivian Sessoms?” He’s always telling me “You should write about your adventures and keep people posted on what you’re doing, they’re interested in knowing where you are and who you’re working with and all that jazz”.

You know, I get on these tangents sometimes, where I say I’m gonna’ write a blog and I have all these ideas in my head but I don’t sit down right away and put anything down and then I forget what I wanted to write about. My memory has gone to hell..

Anyways, hey you guys! I know it’s been a while, sorry about that. I expect we’re all getting ready as best we can for Christmas what with the snow and all. I, for once, did all my shopping early this year, as I planned to be out of town for Xmas. Actually, I planned to see Rob Thomas for my birthday and then spend the holiday with my nephew and fam, but alas work calls so here I am in snowy Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia). It’s a beautiful country, and I’m working very little so I’m getting to see a lot of the city I’m in (Bratislava). It’s only 30 minutes from Vienna (where I used to live some years back), and I’m performing with truly gifted musicians which is a real treat.

For Christmas I will head to London for a few days and spend time with a few of my closest friends and their family. One of the great things about being on the road is making new friends and keeping up with old friends. My buddy Everton Nelson is a brilliant violinist, who plays on practically every movie soundtrack we hear today. His wife Julia is a wonderful artist/graphic designer/singer who can cook her you know what off, so can Everton for that matter, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them both. They have a beautiful little girl named Sienna who absolutely melts my heart every time I hear her voice with her little British accent. It’s too friggin’ adorable. Must pick up presents before I leave.

Enough with the travelogue for now. Let’s talk about music for a bit shall we? So the new record is, I would say, over half done. Thing is, I’ve been dragging my feet on it because I really want to do some things differently this time around so I’ve been spending time researching and doing my homework. Also, might be moving to LA next year so that might take a little time. In the meantime, for all of you who have been asking when is the record coming out, I’m going to preview some new tracks and pics from the new record in February, so stay tuned for that.
You can also look forward to a few unreleased tracks from the last record even sooner and of course, I’ll keep you posted on all that good stuff.

On another note, we got a very nice album review from our friends over at SoulTalk/BlogTalk Radio (thanks Duane ;-)), which you can read below. Duane has invited me to be a guest DJ on the show over the next few weeks. When I get the dates I’ll let you guys know so you can tune in. Usually at this time of year I do a list of my favorite albums for the year but this year I will count it down on the show so make sure to tune in.
I’m giving shout outs to a real eclectic mix of albums and artists this year as a nod to my changing genres with this next record.. I’m feeling something very different musically these days which I just can’t wait to share with you all.

I’m planning to do a show in February and I’ll be promoting a couple shows this spring as well so check the site for those dates.

Last but not least, I wanna’ give a heartfelt thanks to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes. I got calls, and emails and messages on fb and every other mode of communication I can think of but it was awesome! Totally awesome!! So thank you to everyone for remembering me on my birthday. In return, I’d like to wish you all lots of love and joy this holiday season. May you be fruitful and prosperous in the New Year.
And remember, music can change the world..


Reviewed by DAS aka Soul Talk 12/02/09
Albright - Sunny One Day

The talented duo of Vivian Sessoms & Chris Parks brings a very unique kind of soul sound to your ears; the smooth production with Vivian’s beautiful voice is very refreshing. Vivian takes you on a lyrical and vocal journey that speaks directly to your soul; she has a voice that seems to travel from jazz to soft R&B. The melodies and chord arrangements of the tracks are nicely done, just right for relaxed listening. On this CD entitled “Sunny One Day” it is difficult to pick a particular favorite because each has its own element.

“Oh Baby” gives you the sexy, crooning side of Vivian’s voice, where the title track “Sunny One Day” has a warm inviting feeling. “Its Alright” is a very soothing song with an upbeat tempo. The writing style of these two artists is sure to continue getting attention and garnering fans. Of the many female vocalists out there I would say that Vivian is definitely among the best of them.