Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Beauty Of The Landscape..

(My accountant Bob and me.. Photo courtesy of Mary Crane, Bobs wife)

For some reason each time I visit Canada, it always reminds me of the 60's or 70's..
Like the US, but like I remember it as a little girl..
There's just something about it that takes me back to a time...

Sometimes it reminds me of France a little.. Hearing people speaking french in the
French-Canadian regions..
Sometimes it even reminds me of Australia with the Provinces and all that.. But
mostly it reminds me of the US about 30 years ago..

Obviously, it is a lot like the United States because of the close proximity to us
and the ability to observe, learn, and borrow so easily from one another.. Being our
neighbors and allies we're able to go back and forth extremely easily..
Gonna pause for a bit, I'm about to watch a movie.

So on a sidenote, I saw a great french film called Micmacs.. It's adorable! Go see
it, great cast, funny, sweet.. You'll love it. You won't even mind reading the
subtitles, promise..

Back to Canada, whenever I visit, I always find that I see so many things that
remind of being a little girl, mostly products (I saw a can of Tab cola today, when
is the last time you saw one of those?), TV programs, old buildings.. Remember when
there use to be a red fire alarm stand on every street corner in the US?

I don't know if I'm saying Canada is behind because it does seem very modern, it
seems to have every comfort we're used to at home. In fact, compared to a lot of
places I've traveled to, it is one of the closest to the US in having technological
modernization available to all with the exception of Germany, Switzerland and Japan,
I think (some other smaller European countries should be included in that as well)..

And yet, there is something a little old fashioned about the place and I don't mean
that in a bad way..
It's something to do with the people.. They are very kind, they're interested.. The
pace of life seems slower.. Even in the fast paced cities.. I don't know... Maybe
I'm talking out of my ass but it really reminds me of when I was a little girl..
I not saying people dont care in the states, not at all.. but I don't know.. It just
feels sometimes as though we've become so inundated with information and technology
and 9/11 and the war and Katrina and the BP oil spill.. Presidents getting impeached
and accused of cheating.. And everything in between..
You just become immune after a while... numb..

It doesn't feel like that here.. This country is big as hell and yet, everywhere you
go, feels like a small town..
I'm not that up to date with Canadian politics and I know no one person, or place is
perfect, so I'm sure Canada has had it share of scandals and disasters just like
us.. But hey.. they've got healthcare too..

This isn't an argument for or against Canada.. And it certainly isn't a comparison
by any means.. Or at least, not meant to be.. Its just my own little observation.
But there is something very lovely and quie

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just enjoying the day in beautiful Canada..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hot Fun In The Summertime..


There is no place like NY in the summertime, love it, love it, loves it!! Every
place is jumpin' off and poppin', opportunities knockin', I'm running into friends,
old and new.. The sun feels good on my skin..I got a new do.. I'm pullin' out the
strappy sandals and the sleeveless tops and tight jeans (well actually.. I never
really put the tight jeans away) and the miniskirts and sundresses..

Hello fellow sunworshippers.. Got a lotta catchin' up.. Sorry for the long silence.
Been on hiatus for a while, just takin' it easy and reflecting.. Making a lot of
life changes, still some to go.
Revamping my interiors and exteriors you could say, and it was high time..

Figuring out what doesn't work anymore can be hard sometimes, I seem to get used to
things and want them to stay same 'cause it's what I know, what I'm used to and so
it feels comfortable. Even when it starts to get uncomfortable.. Hopefully you
understand where I'm coming from a little..

I decided I'm going to take time to reach out and get to know a few people I've been
admiring from afar and see if I can forge a few new friendships.. To my great
surprise I got a few totally unexpected calls from people saying "You know, we
should hang out sometime.. I've always liked your vibe and been wanting to reach out
to you". Seems they'd been making an effort to reach out to people they want to get
to know too!

Life is funny like that sometimes.. You say you want to make a change and try
something new and all the doors open and the phone starts ringing to that end! God
or Fate or whatever you want to call it..

I've decided to say NO more to doing things that don't make me happy, even if those
things are attached to a lot of $$ at the other end..

I plan to start putting 80% of my energy into my music instead of my usual divvying
up between the work that pays and the things I love which has been leaving less time
for me..
The thing about doing your own music is you make less money (at least in the
beginning) but whatever.. I'm preparing to work with less even though I'm praying
and hoping for more :-)
This is a big change for me but I'm ready for it.. I want to make time for the
people and things that I love and I finally figured out that A. I can't do
everything and B. The time is now...

I had a bad car accident last week.. 10 car pile up.. Wasn't hurt bad.. Just bruised
up, concussion, really sore.. Scared the hell outta me though.. Totaled my car..
Brand new Mini :-(
In fact, this whole year has kinda been like that.. A lot of big changes..
Not always smooth.. But que sera sera (one of my favorite songs.. check out the Sly
Stone version, *sidenote: did you know that Sly Stone dated Doris Day?). Kinda helps
put things in perspective..
The important things just become crystal clear..

Album 1 is complete.. Album 2 about 70% done with the music. Need to finish vocals,
artwork, photo shoots etc.. Still haven't decided which one to release first..
I ran into my friend and publicist Kat, yesterday at the movies (Sex and the City)..
I know that's a sign.. ;-)

Anyhoo, heading out on the road again with the legendary Joe Cocker.. whom I adore..
I can listen to him sing all day and nite.. I don't even want to hear myself sing
all day OR nite... Lol
We'll be opening for Tom Petty who I also love! If you see us heading to your town,
come out and see us..

Look for the new record in the fall..
Promise. 'Til then, if you get the chance, check out new music by these artists..
because they're awesome..
And because music can change the world..

Sandra St. Victor - Sinner Child
Kimberly Nicole - The Yellow Brick Journey
Colin Smith - The Wilderness
Lots of love.. See you somewhere soon..