Friday, January 21, 2011


Sometimes.. I marvel at little things and big things.. Things we take for granted, for instance, I was thinking today about how amazing human life is. Don't you think it's a miracle that 2 people can come together, fall in love, mate, and out of that union can come another human life? A tiny baby can come from 2 people falling in love?? How amazing is that? How amazing is it to watch a person grow, and learn and grow more and be shaped by their families, and friends, their surroundings, their education, and watch them become who they're going to be?

The only part that is difficult is watching people die. Still haven't been able to wrap my brain around that one yet. I once read a story, that in the very near future, disease had been conquered, there was very little crime, people could live as long as they wanted and they chose when to die. The interesting thing was, you would think people would choose to live forever if they could, but once all their family and friends began to die, staying around didn't have the same appeal and people eventually began to feel lonely. Even though their children were still around, even though they could make new friends, there was something comforting about having at least a few people in your life who knew everything about you, people with whom you had shared memories and experiences. In some small way, I guess I could understand that.. But life is quite amazing, isn't it?