Saturday, June 6, 2009

Indy Star Adventures (ISA): ep2

Viv, Jen & indie artist J. Henry

Hey everybody,
Viv here with the next ep of the ISA.

Today I’m going to talk a little bit more about prospective managers.
Using The Secret and all the other principles I know to draw the right manager to me, lol, I’ve been spending time talking to people, asking questions, brainstorming, etc.
What I’ve been finding is that the best candidates are coming up in the most unlikely places.

Part of the reason for this is that most established managers in the industry are looking for a very established artist (mainly in record sales and or following) to work with, thereby missing out on the potential great artist that may unwittingly cross their path. Of course this is understandable, tried and tested is always preferable albeit not always available these days.

While most of us musicians and music lovers have heard nothing but how much the industry is changing for the last 3 or 4 years, and indeed it has changed greatly, I still think that it has changed in our favour (independent musicians). I think there are more opportunities available to indie artists than ever before, but it’s also harder to know what’s out there, when we probably have more artists making music now than ever before in the history of music.

Another reason to look in unlikely places, is that being independent, you can probably be better guided by someone who isn’t chained to outdated modes and ideals. Someone thinking completely out of the box at this time, is probably just the thing that’s needed, considering the fact that at this time in the music business, almost anything goes.. fresh ideas, new approaches and independent thinking are welcome.

With that, I’ll tell you about my 2 latest prospects.
Long shots to say the least, but two very different people who I believe with the right amount of hard work & vision could be absolutely perfect partners for steering this venture.

They are both women.

The first is a seasoned former exec with many years of experience in the music industry, having worked at Viacom, Sony, a few other companies I cant remember and lastly as the GM of a large independent record/management company. She quit because she didn’t care for the label heads business practices and modus operandi (INTEGRITY, gotta love her for that). She has an entrepreneurial spirit which she showed in opening up her own restaurant a few years ago (which means she has valuable experience in other areas of business), she’s funny, and smart, charming as hell and a true people person, which for me is an absolute plus since I’m a shy type. Plus she’s a go-getter so it’s almost a no brainer. The downside is she has a young family and lots of family stuff happening (which isn’t a downside for me at all, but could be hard to balance as a wife and mother). Still, she’s a woman who carved out a niche for herself in a predominately male run industry and climbed up the corporate ladder all on her own.

I should preface this next paragraph by stating that the second candidate doesn’t seem to want manage, or rather doesn’t know if she’d make a good one, although it’s pretty much what she does all day. Let’s just say she’s an amazing coordinator and/or orchestrator. She works in marketing outside the music business but has a deep and intuitive love for music and musicians. She is one of those keepers of the flames so to speak. It’s crystal clear to me, as it probably is to most everyone that come into contact with her, that she should be doing something in the entertainment industry, but just what that is, she’s still unclear about. Still she is one of those people that enters a room and will know a little something about everyone before she leaves it and what’s more, everyone that comes into contact with her wants to know her and enjoys her company as she is knowledgeable in just about everything. That’s a gift. You can call her up and ask for a contact to any person anywhere in the music business and she will either know someone or find someone who does. Now that’s what I call SPARK! Plus she’s a people person as well and has a natural curiosity and a sharp wit. The downside as I said earlier, is that she doesn’t see herself as manager exactly.

2 brilliant and accomplished prospective managers none the less.

Stay tuned and look for the first video blog next week featuring new music.
Thanks for reading,

remember.. music can change the world.


  1. Since am just a music listener not a maker, I cannot really comment on that managers thingie, BUT I wanted to say something, tho. *blush*
    I'm waiting for the new music, must be good!
    Oh, and your smile is alway so big, shiny and happy! xxx

  2. Ey, we´re able to comment now! Great!

    Sounds like a pretty tough run, but as I see it, u only have one choice, since the second woman doesn´t see herself as a manager just yey?

    Or maybe u have some cards up ur sleeve, so that one day she does?

    Exited about how this adventure will end!

  3. Glad to see comments are in working order...YAY. I've been dying to write a ditty or two in response to one of your blogs.
    I think the second candidate sounds good, but there is always problems workign with someone who can't make up her mind about life ya dig? You need stability and experience to match your stability and years of experience...
    I think ladt #1 is a good choice and she will probably find the balance between home and work life in order to manage a commodity like you...
    Smiley face and all dat...I can't believe I am just reading this!! LOng and busy weekend LOL

  4. well, tbh. both sounds very promising. Me, for myself would try to convince candidate No. 2 to do the job. Spark is what you need for such a job, all the other things can be learned. And sometimes someone outside the industry see clearer than someone who knows the musicbiz inside out. Biggest plus is also if someone loves what she/he is doing than it's not a job it's a passion.


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