Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Photo courtesy of Michael Katlow Cox

Hey everybody,
Did ya' miss me?
'Cause I sure missed you ;-)
I was away in April for a few shows so I didn't get to connect with you last month,
but I'm back with lots of news.

First a little about the trip. I did a show in Monte Carlo (home of Princess Grace
Kelly) and since we haven't had a vacation in a while, Chris came with and we had a
Spent a lot of time being tourists, taking in the beauty of southern France, and its
breath taking views.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast with very lovely hosts so
thank you to Tony and Amandine who looked out for us doing our trip! <3 br="">
We were in Nice part of the time and took a day trip to Cannes, home to the film
festival, which is this month I think, so the town was all abuzz with excitement!
Man I could totally live there.. (Sigh..) Luckily, I get to go back there in July,
tell you more about it soon ;-)

Then straight home to rehearse the very next day with Christina Aguilera for Times
100 Most Influential People.. And let me tell you, that is SOME list. Check it out

For this event I got to work with the amazing Rob Lewis, (MD for Christina, New Kids
On The Block), the magnificent Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley, who is not only the most
amazing singer I know, but one of the loveliest people you will ever meet, and
another absolute doll Cossandra Kellam who sang her you know what off! As you can
see by the pictures below, there was lots of clowning, posing and general mayhem!

Anyways, back to what's next..
The unveiling of our new rock band! OPHELIA ONE
Starring the stellar Jane Getter and myself, and featuring Chris Parks on bass, John
Caban on guitar, and Kevin Bregande on drums!
It's been a good minute since we rocked out so this will be a big release of pent up
energy 'cause sometimes you really do just need to rock out and let yo' freak flag
fly!" alt="BEFlyer.JPG_resized

Thursday, May 2nd 2013
9PM - $12.00
The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

If you're not hip to Jane Getter, go check her out pronto, she's
been written up in Billboard, Jazz Times, in fact all over the place including last
months Guitar Player Magazine.

Excited about this new incarnation. Got some new material we'll throw in too. But
the real countdown starts now for the release of my new record in July.
Yep, you heard me, yep I said it, lol.
And I'm gonna leave that right there.. For now ;-)

Also on the agenda this month, is the next installment of The Family Room, a live
broadcast from our family room featuring the wonderfully talented songstress Karen
Bernod, and James "Biscuit" Rouse singing and playing drums, Chris on bass, and me
chiming in on a song or 2.

Check out Karen here

Check out James here

The Family Room will air on Sunday, May 12th at 7PM.
To view the live broadcast click the link below..

Well, I think that about does it for now, but stay tuned, more shows and more music
coming very SOON!

And remember, music can change the world..


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